Centrepieces & Table Decor




Don’t waste your time running around buying table décor at the dollar stores, big box wholesale clubs and craft store that you won’t need later and will clutter your house. Where are you going to store 200 votive candleholders?

Leave the décor to us. We can offer you an affordable option.

If you are a DIY bride and want to be more involved, no worries, you can still be involved. Just rent our centerpiece packages and assemble them yourself or if you want to spend more time with your family and friends, rent them through our full service package and leave the worries to us.

You probably won’t look back on your day and say that you wish you would had spent more time doing all the décor yourself but if you spend hours away from family and friends assembling centerpieces and decorating, you may wish you had spent the time with your family instead!

We have table décor to suit every budget…from 3 piece cylinder centerpieces with floating candles to cylinders in various sizes with 2 sizes of silk flower balls, bling and hanging crystals to square vases with coordinating ribbon, brooch and flower balls.

Full_set_up_sequin_and_red_roses_and_crystal red_roseball_and_cylinders

Manzanita Trees

Ask about our beautiful manzanita trees with crystal draping and hanging crystal candleholders to be used for centerpieces or as an accent on the cake, gift or guestbook table. They can also be used as a “wishing tree” where you have guests right a message or marriage advice and hang it on the tree. Afterward, the couple can keep them as a momento and cherish the wishes for years to come.

manzanita_tree  IMG_1477

Also available in black flocked sparkle.



9 inch Bling with 5 inch roseball and hanging crystals (includes mirror).

small bling, aqua flowerball centerpiece and mirror  small bling, fuschia flowerball centerpiece and mirror  small bling, purple flowerball centerpiece and mirror

small bling, apple green flowerball centerpiece and mirror  small bling, pink flowerball centerpiece and mirror  small bling, lilac flowerball centerpiece and mirror

small bling, ivory flowerball centerpiece and mirror  small bling, red flowerball and mirror centerpiece  White small flowerball, gem and mirror centerpiece


Also available… 15″ cyclinder with 9″ roseball in same colors above.  White 15″ shown below.

15 inch cylinder with white silk roseball


5″ square (available with coordinating ribbon colour).

5inch  square with aqua roseball ribbon and brooch copy


Vases designed to match decor



We have a selection of vases custom designed to match your wedding colours-shown above, white lace, plum with diamond brooch.



Here is a selection of our custom burlap centerpieces from our Rustic Glam collection.

IMG_1380 burlap centerpieces  IMG_1443

assorted burlap