Miscellaneous Products

Cupcake stands and Cake Stands

Our bling cupcake stands are approximately 24“ tall and can hold approx. 15 small cupcakes or macarons. Our cake stands are available in 22 inch square silver pattern or 24” round bling to coordinate with our crystal globe candelebras as well as other crystal candleholders.

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Candy or Cookie Bar

Candy bars and Cookie bars is still very popular.  We have a number of glass containers, stands and scoops to make the perfect candy or cookie bar!  Yum!

black manzanita tree, candy bar and cake stands


Birdcages and trunks for Gift Table

Yes we have white birdcages that can be customized with your choice of ribbon for guests to place their wedding cards in at your gift table. We also have a handsome trunk to add a more masculine element to the décor.

birdcage card holder with coordinating ribbon or bling   trunk for cards

Chalkboard signs and easel

Our hand drawn custom designed chalkboard signs will add to your event.  More and more couples are not splitting the guests by “groom’s side” and “bride’s side”.  Pinterst has made these signs a “must have” for weddings.



Charger plates

Charger plates are available in silver and gold and are a cost effective way to add pizzazz to your table.


We carry a line of 3” floating candles that are made specifically for our candle cylinders. What sets our candles apart is the fact the colour goes through the entire candle…not just on the outside and white on the inside. Please be sure to check with your venue to ensure that you are able to use open flame in your venue.


Just as wedding colours and décor trends changes every year, our décor inventory is always changing so if there is something that you don’t see here, just contact us. We most likely have it.